pleaserun - Pleaserun services

Pleaserun helps generate service definitions for a variety of service manangers such as systemd and sysv.

When used as an input, fpm will generate a package that include multiple service definitions, one for each type (systemd, sysv, etc). At package installation, the package will attempt to detect the best service manager used on the system and will install only that definition.

You can learn more on the project website:

Supported Uses in FPM

fpm supports using pleaserun only as an input type. This means you can convert pleaserun input packages to output packages like deb, rpm, and more.

pleaserun-specific command line flags

  • --pleaserun-chdir CHDIR
    • The working directory used by the service
  • --pleaserun-name SERVICE_NAME
    • The name of the service you are creating
  • --pleaserun-user USER
    • The user to use for executing this program.