osxpkg - Apple macOS and OSX packages

Supported Uses in FPM

fpm supports input and output for Apple’s package files. These files typically end in “.pkg”. This means you can read a .pkg file and convert it to a different output type (such as a dir or rpm). It also means you can create a .pkg package file.

osxpkg-specific command line flags

  • --osxpkg-dont-obsolete DONT_OBSOLETE_PATH
    • A file path for which to ‘dont-obsolete’ in the built PackageInfo. Can be specified multiple times.
  • --osxpkg-identifier-prefix IDENTIFIER_PREFIX
    • Reverse domain prefix prepended to package identifier, ie. ‘org.great.my’. If this is omitted, the identifer will be the package name.
  • --osxpkg-ownership OWNERSHIP
    • –ownership option passed to pkgbuild. Defaults to ‘recommended’. See pkgbuild(1).
  • --[no-]osxpkg-payload-free
    • Define no payload, assumes use of script options.
  • --osxpkg-postinstall-action POSTINSTALL_ACTION
    • Post-install action provided in package metadata. Optionally one of ‘logout’, ‘restart’, ‘shutdown’.