pacman - Arch Linux package format

Supported Uses in FPM

fpm supports input and output for Arch Linux’s package format, pacman. This means you can read a pacman and convert it to a different output type (such as a dir or rpm). It also means you can create a pacman package.

pacman-specific command line flags

  • --pacman-compression COMPRESSION
    • The compression type to use, must be one of gz, bzip2, xz, zstd, none.
  • --pacman-group GROUP
    • The group owner of files in this package
  • --pacman-optional-depends PACKAGE
    • Add an optional dependency to the pacman package.
  • --[no-]pacman-use-file-permissions
    • Use existing file permissions when defining ownership and modes
  • --pacman-user USER
    • The owner of files in this package