p5p - Oracle Solaris 11 p5p packages

This package format for the Solaris Image Packaging System (IPS) and should be useful for OpenSolaris, Solaris 11, and Illumos.

Supported Uses in FPM

fpm supports using p5p only as an output type. This means you can create p5p packages from input types like deb, dir, or npm

p5p-specific command line flags

  • --p5p-group GROUP
    • Set the group to GROUP in the prototype file.
  • --[no-]p5p-lint
    • Check manifest with pkglint
  • --p5p-publisher PUBLISHER
    • Set the publisher name for the repository
  • --p5p-user USER
    • Set the user to USER in the prototype files.
  • --[no-]p5p-validate
    • Validate with pkg install
  • --p5p-zonetype ZONETYPE
    • Set the allowed zone types (global, nonglobal, both)